Tattoo Prices

Tattoo Prices

Tattoo Prices - Except for 'does it hurt', another common question that people who are anticipating having their very own tattoos is how much the tattoos would really cost. There are lots of things that can truly get to affect the tattoo pricing, but there are a few pointers you can use so as to find the best prices for your tattoos. While pricing does actually alter, you can have a good idea of the way in which the tattoo would cost if you know about the factors affecting tattoo pricing.

tattoo prices

Factors That Determine Tattoo Cost

Placement Of The Tattoo:  When picking a tattoo design many people do not consider how the placement will affect the cost. Many tattoo parlors charge a "Body Fee" with the understanding any quoted prices are for arm and placing the tattoo in another area will cost more. Typically the back, chest, stomach and legs will be priced similarly. Areas around the waist, hands, feet, neck and face are the hardest to tattoo and are generally most expensive.

Size and Detail: The price of a primarily depends in its size. So, tattoos that cover a larger area like full arm are very costly. As mentioned earlier, prices can get to as much as thousands of dollars. On the other hand, there are tattoos which may be small but are equally expensive. This is because these small tattoo designs have more intricate details. Some are especially designed to suit the exact curves of the body. For example; ankle and spine tattoo designs which are size-specific and are especially scaled to fit the client's body.

Color Themes: As size determines the price of a tattoo, its color theme also has a role to play. As a general rule, if the design has a lot of colors, it's bound to be costly. Designs with one to three colors range from 50 to 100 dollars while designs with elaborate colors may cost around 500 dollars. Besides, designs that use the full spectrum of colors tend to be very expensive.

Skin Type Of Client: Older skin is tougher and harder to tattoo for this reason many tattoo artist will charge more to work on older people or with skin that is problematic. Skin color may also play a role as darker skin tones are harder to tattoo than lighter tones.

Skill Level Of Tattoo Artist: In any profession when a person achieves a certain skill level they will expect to get get paid more, tattoo artist are no different. Hourly tattoo prices may range from $90 to $100 for a little know local artist and any where from $300 to $500 per hour for a national recognized tattoo artist.

Location Of Tattoo Shop: With any business the owner of a tattoo parlor must charge enough money to pay all there bills and make a profit. In a location where the rent and expenses are several thousand dollars per month every hour the tattoo shop is open it must produce tattoos at a high cost. A tattoo shop where the expenses are lower will be under less pressure to always produce and the cost will be lower.

Time Of Year / Day:  Many tattoo shops have a slow season,as with any business the slow season is a good time to shop around for a deal. If you live in a tourist area visit your local shop after the tourist season when the tattoo artist are less busy. Also the time of day can affect cost greatly, during the day is generally the best time to get a good deal,with late at night,near closing being the worst time to try and get a good price.

When getting a tattoo you should try to find the cleanest and most sanitary studio you can find. Once you have found a clean, reputable tattoo studio, strike up a dalam brow with some of the tattoo artists, to see how professional and friendly they seem. Look for a studio that appeals to you and then find out prices. Always keep quality in mind when you're getting a tattoo, and never get something cheaper if it sacrifices the quality of the tattoo because it's a decision you will regret in hindsight. If a studio is better then other studios around, usually the quality of tattoos will be better.

If you find a studio that is willing to give you a tattoo for a cheaper price, take some time to think about it, don't rush into a decision of getting a tattoo because you are going to save some money, make sure the quality of the tattoo comes first, as tattoos are for life, and saving a bit of money, which might mean the quality of the tattoo wont be as good as a bit more expensive tattoo, is not a good decision.

Although a cheap price might be a tempting thought, the quality of the tattoo performed at this price might not be up to standard, usually tattoo shops that cost more have better tattoo artists and better standards of quality in the artwork.

tattoo prices

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 Tattoo Prices